[Video] You've NEVER Seen a Keyboard Like This…

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  1. Great keyboard, but the lens distortion took away from the visual experience. So much , it was actually dizzy at times. Please take this into consideration when making future videos. Long time fan. Just wanted to make you aware. Thanks in advance for your understanding

  2. This channel has taken a huge dip in quality over the last few years.I think either they don't research well. Or over the years we have become intense tech researchers ourselves and this channel feels stale, relatively speaking. Also they're editing doesn't have that bling and host that crazy enthusiasm anymore. Maybe try hiring more peoples as editor, researchers (like linus has anthony) and quality control. Also bring back enthusiasm that host had and publish stuff that they've researched nicely about from other sources too.

  3. Him: This is for the enthusiasts. This is for the individual who's looking for something more premium.
    Me as enthusiasts: Disgusted face . Throw that trash away.

  4. I wish someone made a keyboard that has a good trackpad placed below the keys just like in a laptop. Badly want something like this. I’m having to type from my laptops keyboard while it’s plugged into my monitor.

    This might be an idea for a “later keyboard”, Lew! Your laptop keyboard with an awesome trackpad, just that it is external.

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