[LIVE WEBINAR] How Lean Security Teams Can Improve Their Time to Response

Cybersecurity could be described as a marathon for security teams that spend most of their time building sustained defenses that prevent threats day after day. However, they must be ready to hit a sprint whenever an attack succeeds since attack duration, and the resulting damages are directly correlated.

Reacting to a successful attack is a major challenge for lean security teams today since speed tends to be a result of size. Large teams with abundant resources can respond to incidents much faster as they can expend those resources freely. Lean security teams face the same costs and resource needs but with a much smaller pool to call from. A new live webinar by XDR provider Cynet shows why that doesn’t have to be the case (register here).

The webinar breaks down how even large enterprises struggle with time to response. Look at any of the major breaches of the past years and you’ll find large security teams that overlooked red flags or mishandled their incident response. It’s not all about size, but about understanding the factors that impact your time to response.

From Delay to Disaster

Cyber-attacks happen fast, and there’s little time to waste in responding. Most…


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