Protect your Home Internet Network with Audra HomeShield


Audra introduced Audra HomeShield, the 1st-ever DIY Internet Security and Parental Control solution to solve technology-borne problems with technology. With Audra, users can prevent hacking, adware, malware, DDoS and other online attacks. Audra HomeShield can also set schedules and time quotas to prevent gadget addiction, besides blocking pornography, gaming, gambling and other categories from their children.


Managing Audra is simple that a non-tech savvy parent can easily set rules in a few clicks. Audra is made with three components – Cloud AI solution to protect users seamlessly, Management app for setting rules and getting alerts and a 1Gbps Wi-Fi gateway device to connect all smart home devices.

Audra HomeShield Features:

  • CONNECT ALL YOUR SMART DEVICES – Connect all internet-connected devices like phones, laptops, TVs, speakers, CCTV and other smart devices with Audra Wi-Fi. You can explore every device through the Audra app.
  • CONTROL DEVICES IN GROUPS – Put your devices into groups like Children, Guest or MyGroup to manage them easily with internet access rules at one go. You can also create unlimited additional groups.
  • BLOCK BAD CONTENTS – Block bad content like pornography, gambling, weapons, violence, dating and much more. Audra will automatically update new sites to be blocked daily.
  • BLOCK SPECIFIC SITES BALANCE STUDY AND FUN – Know the address of a specific site that you want to block? Just put the site name and address in Blacklist and stay relaxed. Audra will do the rest.
  • ALLOW SPECIFIC SITES ONLY – Allow access to educational and relevant sites only by Whitelisting their names. You can also whitelist banking and relevant sites to avoid the risk of phishing attacks.
  • BALANCE STUDY AND FUN – Set study time, bed time and play time schedules for kids. Your schedules will control their access to the internet based on their daily needs which you have determined
  • PREVENT GADGET ADDICTION – Build flexible daily usage quotas for your children, and set the maximum hours usage per day. Audra will automatically block all sites whenever kids reach their time the limit.
  • PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA & PRIVACY – Hackers can see you through your cameras, and even steal your banking and personal data from your devices. Stop adware, malware, hacking and other online threats in just 1-tap.
  • STAY ALERT, ALWAYS – Get detailed reports from your Audra app that show who tried to violate your house rules, which devices are protected, and how many attacks were stopped by Audra.
  • STAY IN CONTROL – You have complete control of your home internet, anywhere you are. Instill the right online behavior among kids and protect data and privacy with Audra in just 1-tap.

Audra HomeShield WFi Router is available from AI Home at RM599, from its physical stores in Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama and Sunway Velocity malls as well as online via their website at this link.

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