Travis CI Flaw Exposes Secrets of Thousands of Open Source Projects

Travis CI

Continuous integration vendor Travis CI has patched a serious security flaw that exposed API keys, access tokens, and credentials, potentially putting organizations that use public source code repositories at risk of further attacks.

The issue — tracked as CVE-2021-41077 — concerns unauthorized access and plunder of secret environment data associated with a public open-source project during the software build process. The problem is said to have lasted during an eight-day window between September 3 and September 10.

Felix Lange of Ethereum has been credited with discovering the leakage on September 7, with the company’s Péter Szilágyi pointing out that “anyone could exfiltrate these and gain lateral movement into 1000s of [organizations].”

Travis CI is a hosted CI/CD (short for continuous integration and continuous deployment) solution used to build and test software projects hosted on source code repository systems like GitHub and Bitbucket.

“The desired behavior (if .travis.yml has been created locally by a customer, and added to git) is for a Travis service to perform builds in a way that prevents public access to customer-specific secret environment data such as…

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