[Video] 5 weird motherboards that shouldn't exist

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23 Comments on “[Video] 5 weird motherboards that shouldn't exist”

  1. What you should actually do in your tests of "high vs. low end" chip sets is a development over time.
    Current Era chipsets vs. chipsets of yore going back to ancient times like 486/Pentium I + II.

    Spoiler: I know that the performance differences have diminished significantly, but i would be a good educational video for people who still believe that chipset performance differences are still like it was in those days.

  2. Jetway NF9G QM77

    Back then, this board helped me to convert my HP EliteBook 8570P to a desktop PC, paired with a discrete GPU (GTX 1060).
    It was a damn good board after all πŸ™‚

  3. the Micro Xeon Board, perfect for monitoring, labs, i have too many USB gear, running them all on one small board is the best, more equipment we use on the power suply here!

  4. Please linus, can you do a tutorial on how to make a server cache for youtube and games (I have a very limited internet, but I can put a server to "optimize" my field 4g internet)

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