[Video] 7°C Cooler? This must be a scam

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48 Comments on “[Video] 7°C Cooler? This must be a scam”

  1. really looks beautiful
    it is not always about conductivity actually. if you have enough water in your loop, heat from small peaks of load will just be "absorbed" by it
    guess it will be expensive 2~3 degree….compared to pure water

  2. Pointless test really. Run it for 6 months and see how its still going.. distilled water has always given better results than expensive coloured fluids long term due to less build up and such… this litterally has heaps of gunk to build up over time.
    Please return to this test in a few months of constant use for accurate results.

  3. It would be more interesting to see how it is under a gaming load rather than a load which will totally heat soak the system.

    What you should try is try cooling the fluid as much as possible to eliminate any chance of the system heat soaking.

    You'll have a temprature probe on the fluid entering the CPU socket, and one after, along with recording CPU temprature so you could then see how efficient the fluid is at conducting heat away from the CPU.

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