[Video] Alienware X17 Review – New EVERYTHING!

My review of the Alienware X17. This best gaming laptop from Alienware. This is the best laptop they’ve ever made.

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25 Comments on “[Video] Alienware X17 Review – New EVERYTHING!”

  1. Dave, you have to do a call to local supporters to share another X17 with you so you can compare a real retail version with what you've received. I have NO DOUBT that the reason your original order was cancelled was because you were about to receive a luck-of-the-draw retail sample. Your order was delayed so that Dell could send you the best possible example of the X17 they could. I'm not a Dell hater, but you know this is well within their wheelhouse.

  2. Can you please do a video on how to choose a new laptop? Like what are the standards you would expect and how you would test the quality of it etc.

  3. They all have mux switch updates. you are relly late on this one and having had mine for a month or so i say you review is really poor. talk about the high density ram and mux switch updates, really good temps etc. you are on the stuff no one really cares when they pay money for an alienware like , keyboard, wifi card baked on and rainbow rgb. lets see some benchmarks, undervolting and real tests. great channel, dry contenet

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