[Video] Apple WON… but also Lost – WAN Show September 10, 2021

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[Video] Apple WON... but also Lost - WAN Show September 10, 2021 1
[Video] Apple WON... but also Lost - WAN Show September 10, 2021 2
[Video] Apple WON... but also Lost - WAN Show September 10, 2021 3
[Video] Apple WON... but also Lost - WAN Show September 10, 2021 4
[Video] Apple WON... but also Lost - WAN Show September 10, 2021 5

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  1. Linus and Luke, the matrix shot is 100% just a composited and manipulated shot. Everything in that shot is actually there. The right side of the screen where the Top of the Mark is (building with the flag on it in the background) may have been recomposed, it it is in that location of the city. I don't have a drone so I haven't seen the city from that angle.

    I lived up the street from that location on Russian Hill in SF for 10+ years. (Vallejo and Russian hill place) The view from the turn around up there is fantastic. I got to see some of the filming out side of Grace Cathedral for a few nights. Was fun.. but screwed up public transit bad.

  2. They didn't both win. Epic got nothing but a lame link. They lost THEIR suit. All that smack talk about how Apple shouldn't be allowed to have their own closed store was for nothing. They aren't the only one and not a single person called out any of the others.

  3. It is a loss for consumers and maybe a win for devs. Most will make more money through apples IAP but larger ones can set up their own webs sites. Overall epic wanted to put the EGS on iOS and that’s not gonna happen.

  4. My problem is that ProtonMail communicated it too late. The moment court said they have to do it, they should announce it as publicly as possible, not after tracking happened and achieved its goal. The time between policy change and announcement of it was too big.

    It's still the best free/cheap service in that aspect. It's just not to be trusyed to uphold it's policy. So only hand given privacy keys and encryption on your end only from now on. But I still trust them mkre than 99% of competitors.

  5. The case rulling is basically inverse of what I want. I'm okay with Apple stating rules for their app. I'm not okay with Apple forbiding you from using other services instead.

  6. Used to sell hacks and mods for many popular FPS games. I spoke with a developer once of a semi-popular online multiplayer racing, and they stated that most exploits people were abusing could be patched within the matter of a few weeks dev time, but when they patch flaws, profits go down sometimes, especially if the exploit requires a real money purchasable item in the game in the first place

    Great example of one of my own exploits on that game… You needed the Currency "Points", which was real world money for in the game. Could be used for buying cars, parts, getting stuff "cheaper" etc. I personally found a way to spam the game server with Car Buying commands using Points. If you had 3000 points, and a car was 2000, normally obviously you'd only get 1 car, but with my exploit, I could get 5 of them, or more. Was an exploit they did fix, but they never fixed it for CAR PARTS because car parts for customization weren't as important and they did see a profit dip when fixing it for cars.

  7. Any spy gadgets are a no no in russia. You would go to jail for just owning a pair of recording sunglasses in russia.
    A guy was arrested for owning sports recording glasses he was using for recording his snowboarding.

  8. Do I misunderstand anything to do with Apple? What's wrong with making people give them a share of the profits since they are hosting the app. How are they supposed to make profit?

  9. Watched the new Bill and Ted, pretty strong movie with lots to say about growing up and passing the but the baton passing, telegraphed from the beginning so muddles it. But it is enjoyable. Very excited for the new Matrix, the first trailer I have seen in a long while where you have more questions than answers, the main plot points are not given away, and makes you want to see it and question everything.

  10. Tis may not be an epic win , but for consumers…. oh baby this is good. Finally the skinner box formula of apps that want to get a bigger cut of profits finally have to clearly delineate what you are doing with real money instead of it being handwaved away inside the context of the app. Granted.. only on apple devices, and vis a vis the app store, but an incredible first wedge of the crowbar for killing the skinner box app model.

  11. I played 4 straight competitive games in CSGO and all of the games had atleast 1 cheater. Played against a toxic Aussie who had 2.9k hrs in CSGO and 14 years of service on his steam account and he spinbots. Valve clearly doesnt care because theyre already making millions through steam. Even blatant hackers dont get banned

  12. You guys are crying over nothing. Nobody looks at a login screen and says welp, there is no way in I guess. I cannot imagine a person this dumb. I have tons of apps that there is no way to sign up on, at the device and require you have an account with the company already.

  13. The privacy concerns about the glasses is kinda dumb since there are a bunch of quite cheap products designed specifically for that and are easy to get.
    It might actually be better since it would rase awareness about this stuff that might even lead to regulations being made.

  14. Hoeg law has an interesting take on the case (

    . Essentially a third party payment system does not stop Apple from demanding their cut of the payment (ie 30%), and that ruling may not stand vs an appeal as it relies on california law being applied to the entire US/beyond…so consumers may win with third party payment system/but not necessarily developers and certainly not epic…

  15. the star wars movies are great, flawed like any other movie but great. the new 3 are not as flawed as 4,5,6 but watchable. matrix 4 though? i love keanu but no.
    as for KoToR, that was amazing back in the day.

  16. Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 cheating is insane. Unless you play on a NonEA server with active admins you WILL have a bad time. People spin botting, 100% accuracy, godmode, spamming racism you name it. EA does not a thi g about it. Sucks because I rather enjoy them.

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