[Video] China Just Ruined 100M Childhoods – WAN Show September 3, 2021

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[Video] China Just Ruined 100M Childhoods - WAN Show September 3, 2021 1
[Video] China Just Ruined 100M Childhoods - WAN Show September 3, 2021 2
[Video] China Just Ruined 100M Childhoods - WAN Show September 3, 2021 3
[Video] China Just Ruined 100M Childhoods - WAN Show September 3, 2021 4
[Video] China Just Ruined 100M Childhoods - WAN Show September 3, 2021 5

43 Comments on “[Video] China Just Ruined 100M Childhoods – WAN Show September 3, 2021”

  1. 20:28 Linus Happiness increases productivity. When a population is taken care of global capital looks at them as more desirable in some aspects. It's more expensive if your workers are always getting sick or level of education. Someone looking to maximize profits would want to find a balance.

  2. After a big covid quarantine maybe the online game addiction has risen so maybe this measure is actual helpful for solving a major problem .

    I don't know , I just assume

  3. Gaming in China is complicated. These are kids that spend a lot of time alone. You know when you are playing a game and you find something super grindy that would take literally ages and full of microtransactions, and the first thing to come to mind is: this is for the china market!!!
    And it is. Games with stores often have special stores for china, and mor cashgrab mechanics, and things are tailored to take longer and be more expensive. Also they are saturated with gacha style things, lootboxes and other highly addictive gambling systems in their videogames.

    It is no surprise that children get addicted to that, spend their savings and their parent's, and gaming addiction is rampant in china.

    Although instead of just dealing with the systems, they could try to regulate the gambling / addiction mechanics within videogames, that would help most. But according to communism all children are property of the state instead of their parents, that's why they rule and apply law according to that belief.

    Also those same videogames pay a lot of money in taxes (or even without taxes, since Tencent is practically a state owned company), so they don't wanna cut their benefits there, and addicting adults seems ok, so.. there's that too.

  4. I actually think that the gaming ban in China is interesting. I as a kid was only able to play for an hour a day on weekends. However sometime I could see myself getting mad for no reason and it wasn’t until I started changing my mind set to just having fun and enjoying myself that I really did want more time. For some kids I think an hour a day(not just on weekends is all you need).

  5. I don't think its a good thing to promote creators because they have the right skin color or genitals. Racism and sexism are bad, so instead of reversing the preferred skin color and genitals, maybe we should just stop worrying about the skin color and genitals of the twitch streamers we watch altogether.

  6. I don't often praise the Chinese government, but we need a law like this everywhere – not for adults of course, I have no desire to live in a nanny state, but for children who should be playing outdoors or doing homework.

  7. China is planning something sinister and big. It's closing up, kicking all western cultural influences steering back to "real" socialism. World will burn and it propably will start from South China see when CCP will try to invade Taiwan an independed country.

  8. From my experience with teenage Chinese people and living there for some time, I'd say this is the government trying to stop a development that they think is bad for their future economy. Many children and teenagers over there can't exactly handle the pressure that is put on them too well. Reasons for that is the amount of people they have to compete with, the expectations from the government, their parents, their culture and everything. Many try to relax playing games, when they are expected to learn/exercise/work and some even try to flee reality. This is natural, of course.
    And instead of providing actual help, they government is trying to take control over people's safe spaces.
    Ignoring the fact that this is inhumane, it's also bound to create psychological problems, be it immediately or later on in people's lives. This is not a solution, it's a desperate attempt to take control over a development they can't handle.

    I've contacted a few of my colleagues over there and i was basically told that people don't worry about this new rule, as it probably won't be heavily enforced or controlled and most children are already using the ID of their parents for playing games and watching movies.
    Furthermore, although VPNs can no longer be easily aquired, almost every young chines has access to one and is regularly using it.

    So it's likely that the impact of this new law will be very very minor for most chines teenagers and children.

  9. It's not about addiction, it's about control. You are not out-of-touch westerns. If you were living in a third world country, you'd know that there's no doubt about government's motivation.

  10. Corporate espionage would be such a fun career. Moral? Not sure, but fun. 😀
    Also, there are wonderful mid tier audio products, IEMs, headphones, speakers, amps so forth…that come out of China.

  11. I'm not against limiting screen time for young kids honestly. But I am against it being the decision of the government, this needs to be something parents take care of – not the government

  12. Just from the title of this video I can tell neither of you grew up in the 70's and 80's. Our childhoods were not ruined because we did not have video games. Arcades were our video and pinball fun centers. Until Atari, no one had video games at home and we all survived. Very few children or teenagers were fat, we could all eat peanut butter, and we have decent relationships with real people. Don't get me wrong, I love playing games….I just think there is more to life than sitting on a couch or a chair for hours everyday eating hot pockets and drinking something with sugar. Just a perspective form someone that is one year from 60 and a subscriber to this channel.

  13. 1:10:00 but that's the whole problem. Most bigots wouldn't do it if they didn't think it was somehow """necessary""" in their mind to go out of their way and harass or even k**l people. They either have been taught or somehow have come to the conclusion that doing those things at those points in time is somehow a """necessity""", be it to "save their race", "save civilization" or something similar to that.

  14. While it might be a private company it's good to remain consistent. Who will they use for their news outlet to decide what is misinformation or not? The Government and news organizations literally spew misinformation daily….

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