[Video] Dang it Dell, you did it AGAIN!!… Alienware X17 Review

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  1. IMPORTANT NOTE: A BIOS update was uploaded yesterday that enables the MUX switch on the X17. It is kinda janky since you need to enable the MUX in the BIOS and turn it off to have Optimus (Lenovo and Asus have much simpler solutions to this), but it does give you the extra performance on the 4K and 1080P screen options.


  2. But your lying lol about that Eluktronics Prometheus XVI laptop. Why are you saying shit you already know is false? The Eluktronics Prometheus (fake Alienware) is in FACT NOT faster or better performing in games…at all. YOU literally prove this yourself in a comparison video of all 3 laptops that is on LTT, wtf man Lol. So why go and say something that dumb like, "This fake Alienware is faster than the Alienware X17", when it clearly is not? And if your excuse is that the comparison video that I'm talking about on LTT wasn't recorded yet when you were making this video…then why the hell go and blatantly lie about it then on this video? I'm no Alienware fan boy, but honestly I just see stupid shit like this from you guys more often than not occasionally, and it's super aggravating. It's like your just putting out false information and for no good reason. Stop it already, don't say shit you don't know unless you actually tested it to back your claim. Otherwise state it's just your opinion. Now I just don't take ANYTHING you say accountable.

  3. soooooo maybe I'm just stupid, buuuuuuut if you happen to be running Windows 11, enabling the mux switch does not actually provide a performance boost. It actually seems to run a bit hotter. I am a bit of a caveman, but it seems Windows 11 doesn't benefit from a MUX switch as Windows 10.

  4. Micro Center – you just committed them to have the best prices. You did check they have the best prices right? So when I go in store, their prices won't be better than those available online. Because Linus put his word behind that promise when he took their advert dollars, yeah? Glad you checked first.

  5. Big trackpads are unnecessary and annoying. Just crank up the sensitivity. More finger travel isn't good. I typically only use a quarter of a given trackpad based on the visible wear pattern.

  6. I have M15 and this is the last thing I'm buying from Dell period. Never ending problems with optimus, uncalled for BIOS updates that lock out downgrading and lock out XTU and ruin thermal performance. Hard throttling going from 140 fps to 30 after CPU hits thermal limits. They have the highest prices on the entire market and still manage to cheap out on components that you would get in a no name ali express machine.
    And all that fearmongering about plundervolt and it's still an exploit that requires administrative access, making any damages it may cause the sole responsibility of the user. If they don't give you the option to disable this mitigation why not just have the common curtesy to allow downgrades ?

  7. Not buying without an AMD CPU. But we know, Dell Intel's Ho. Not going to trust Intel CPU's with my enemy's money, they can't even stay cool with liquid metal. And No Numpad, another big no-no. Plus, watching GN steve's Dell Prebuilt video, I think I will stick with Asus RoG.

  8. I returned my x15. Has constant throttling and stuttering 3 out of the 4 days I used it before sending back.

    Did every fix, throttlestop, updates, bios options, etc. Nothing! Dell said I had a defective motherboard / heat sink…

    They offered me two choices.. either have a tech come to my house and replace it. I declined because it’s a BRAND NEW laptop which they certainly haven’t worked on before. I don’t want my brand new laptop torn apart.

    Second option was replacement which would’ve been a replacement. (Refurbished Model)
    Also unacceptable I paid a lot for this brand new laptop.

    Ended up going through with a refund and all is well now. Damn shame though. Was the best 2K display I’ve ever seen on a laptop and for the day it worked properly it was an unforgettable experience 😩

  9. So with the new bios update, disabling Optimus, I’m playing Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K at 66 fps at Raytracing Medium with at dlss ultra performance with hdr on.
    I have the i9 model.

    It’s also damn quiet. This is a great laptop now.
    The fact it has hdr and 4K 120 is also great too! (I know it’s only 500 nits but it’s still hdr)

  10. I've been on the hunt for a 3080, ryzen 9 5900HX, 32gb, 2tb, 15inch. But there is apparently not nearly as much content on the internet about laptops as you'd think considering I've seem everything so far. Of all the things I've seen that fit the criteria each on has so many brutal downsides. Loud or bad keyboard, choked 3080s with only like 3watts, overpriced i9s, or terrible note taking and internet surfing battery life, or just all but one spec like razer only having i7s on everything but the 14 inch for some reason. Somebody got recommendations? Right now the only decent options I've seen are the xmg neo 15 with it'd terrible keyboard and 95% color, the m15 r4 with an i9 and large form factor, and the zephyrus g15 with its choked 3080 and r9 hs. Anybody have recommendations? I don't really wanna go over 3300

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