[Video] Do NOT Buy This For Gaming!

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  1. What do you mean there is barely a difference? On camera the difference is pretty darn noticeable between the two and I do think the left looks a lot better than the right monitor.

  2. I actually liked the left one when it was not as saturated. It looked REALLY good to me. I'm the type of gamer that wants it to look close to reality without losing texture entirely in dark settings. For reference, American Truck Simulator in night settings versus daytime at ultra settings. I want to see the road lines at night but not like they're visible at medium settings.

  3. i can't even tell the difference between 16 bit and 32 bit colours unless it's a dark scene in an anime with more gradients in a single colour. or basically basic colours with gradients.
    e.g. The Aquatope on White Sand's ED.

  4. I'm still using 144hz 1080p AOC monitor that I bought for around 150€ back in a day. And it's still looks 10s of times better than new cheap TN panels that you can get now for around 150€ idk why but new monitors are washed out, no contrast and terrible colors…

  5. I got the LG CX48, which is a fraction of the price of some high end monitors. Nothing will be able to beat OLED in my opinion. My former 144hz 2k IPS panel looks like hot garbage in comparison.

  6. I have flew in Ardenweald, suddenly out of nowhere there is a rainbow. I remember the time, when I've seen biggest improvement in particle physics – explosions and smoke, DLSS has something to do with it. Consider it, want it new or just get back to something old, like rename folder to replace it with another folder.

  7. not sure if me or not but when you showed the comparisons between the not consumer but consumer monitor and the one being shown I could tell a huge difference between the 2 monitors with the left expensive one showing way more realistic then standard looking graphics and the one on the right showing like 10% more green then normal from most cheap monitors i see

    but both look way better then my viewsonic vx2453 does when i play tomb raider on them i was watching the video on a Samsung TU7000 and the difference is quite clear from both those monitors that are shown

  8. Could have warned me in the same way about Nitro 5, how it thermal throttles which you said that it doesn't. Some people take years in saving and deciding for a heavy investment. Not like you guys getting ur hands full of review units that you think it's borderline hassle.

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