[Video] Fixing The Verge PC Build – feat. Stefan Etienne

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28 Comments on “[Video] Fixing The Verge PC Build – feat. Stefan Etienne”

  1. Learning from your mistakes is also really important. It takes a lot of guts.
    The fact that The Verge didn't have the balls to properly manage this, shows A LOT more incompetence on their part than on Stefan.

  2. Dang — went to follow this guy on Twitter; I feel so sorry for him with so many trolls & racist abuse he's had to deal with since the verge stuff went down. I really hope this video helps turn things around.

  3. People hated on the Verge build because it wasn't researched properly. But if the team and presenter owns up to it and tries to fix it (as this video did). Kudos for owning up to it and hope that this closes that book on that chapter. Hopefully it is an example to all major publications, journalists and content creators. Just do your work/ research properly, that's all your viewers and readers asks.

  4. I have to say, Stefan really gets a ton of 💩 onto his neck for no reason. As Linus is pointing out, it becomes very clear that The Verge itself did not do any prepping whatsoever when making this build guide.

    On behalf of Stefan, I would like to thank you, Linus, for giving Stefan a new oppoturnity. He really deserves it after that s#!tshow and its aftermath.

  5. Tower – CPU analogy to the harddrive – NVMe thing feels a bit wrong. A harddrive and an NVMe are two different components, that essentially do the same thing. A tower and a CPU are two different components that does significantly more different things.

  6. this is actually insane to me.. I saw the verge video (from people reacting to it) just a few days ago and thought to myself that it would be cool if Linus did an update build with him and sure enough it comes out…

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