[Video] How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media ft. MKBHD

The 5 key ways that Tech Companies (Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Apple etc) try to control the…

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  1. One of the reasons why I don't just go on jumping to get the latest "hot" gadget. I usually wait a couple of months and when there's reasonable reviews available before getting that gadget. Most often than not, I get a different gadget that's being compared to it or being closely mentioned as "better alternative".

  2. Passionfruit? Too afraid to bark up that tree? Wow, I like the tech company indiscretions reveal I have always loved your videos, but the Sammy heavy video is pretty unfair.

  3. I don’t think there could be better people to make a video like this. Both Marques and Arun have gained our trust over the years. Great video

  4. Sad, but every YouTuber are very compliant (enabler) with all companies for one simple goal …monetary gain. Fringe Youtuber has echoed the same sentiment that conglomerates are manipulating the so-called "Influencer" for many years. You echoing the message that most of the viewers ($$$) already know.

  5. Great video actually didn't know these things happen anyways am a great fun of Nokia and this channel but Nokia related reviews are rare here my only request is if you could help say a word or two abt Nokia xr20 it would make ma week thanks

  6. r the display issues of One Plus 8 Pro solved thru any updates? Will it be ok if I buy this phone in 2k21? Plz make one more vdo on this content related to the display prblms !! Thank You !! Enjoying ur vdos and best of luck for the upcoming vdos!!

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