[Video] I Answered Your Best Tech Support Calls!

Thanks to 3CX for sponsoring this video! Get 3CX free today at www.3cx.com/?src=ltt In this episode, callers navigate a hilarious phone maze in hopes of getting …

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  1. Now THIS is a content I've subbed for.
    THIS is content that's being produced by 14mil YouTube channel with >40 employees.

    Not a goddamn "watch me build an absolutely normal PC for 2 hours" stream.

  2. If I put my laptop in sleep/hibernate mode, most of the time it functions as expected, but once in a while the screen will go black and the fan will go full throttle until it completely turns itself off. I think it might be overheating, but I'm not sure, and the temperatures are completely reasonable during normal operation. This only happens when putting into sleep or hibernate mode. Anyone have an idea? Would it be worth buying some thermal paste and trying that? I haven't tried it since as I said there are no temperature issues with normal operation.

  3. You need the one person that speaks two words of English and insist that turning it off and on again while they are on the phone will work even though you just did that before calling

  4. dude with error code 00 just need to clear cmos or reseat RAM i think 🙂 This happens to me when RAM fail to go thru timings/freq or are not pushed all the way down.

  5. Colton wasn't too ridiculous with his tip though. Some people put GPUs in the oven to reseat the solder. Not as good as doing it manually but a decent method for an old free GPU.

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