[Video] I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck – WAN Show August 6, 2021

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[Video] I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck - WAN Show August 6, 2021 1
[Video] I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck - WAN Show August 6, 2021 2
[Video] I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck - WAN Show August 6, 2021 3
[Video] I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck - WAN Show August 6, 2021 4
[Video] I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck - WAN Show August 6, 2021 5

40 Comments on “[Video] I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck – WAN Show August 6, 2021”

  1. Something to keep in mind.. Because this is running Linux behind the scenes, those of us with 10GbE network and a NAS can easily use NFS for storing our steam game library remotely. With a couple good written scripts you could "sync" up your most played games to the device before you use it on the go, so you dont have to be stuck on LAN. What hasn't been mentioned is whether this thing will have WiFi 6, which I presume it should.

  2. Curious would I be able to play activation games (War zone, modern warfare, Cold War, vanguard) and MMO games (New world, FFXIV, Guild Wars 2) on the steam deck?

  3. Apple doesn't acknowledge gamers or gaming…. yet they drive a multi billion dollar gaming industry of their own.

    Year iOS gaming app revenue
    2016 $23.4 billion
    2017 $29.6 billion
    2018 $32.3 billion
    2019 $38 billion

    You might want to rephrase that next time. Just because they took forever to implement controllers for iOS doesn't mean they don't acknowledge gamers. 1) Apple takes forever to do anything. 2) They literally put a controller on the Apple TV long before iOS. 3) Pretty sure #2 is the reason they dragged their feet on iOS as they were hoping to push the AppleTV as a "console".

  4. I would be happy if Valve made the storage devices upgradable, even if it was a proprietary connection so that these have to be bought through Valve. Just the option to upgrade.

  5. Hello Linus I am Youtuber in UK, I am in desperate need for a new PC, I am currently working with a 2013 Laptop, Can we Work together and you help me, i would really appreciate it. LMK

  6. Wow…Bobby Kotick is basically the devil. Like, if the devil ran a business, I'd expect him to make statements, regarding said business, pretty much exactly like that.

  7. Do people who take and "deal in" those kinds of pictures typically use their phone to do that? I know next to nothing about that whole scene… But, as it's a serious crime, which can easily lead to the FBI kicking in their doors…I would think those types of criminals would be more careful than to use a phone, maybe? And, even if they did use a phone, won't they just switch to using a digital camera now? It just doesn't seem like this decision of Apple's could possibly be genuinely intended explicitly for the stated purpose; as it would almost certainly be 100% ineffective at doing so. Seems like Apple must be using the "kid-angle" as a misdirection tactic. Which, if that's the case, is doubly despicable.

  8. It's sad to see "better compatibility for Linux" tainted by DRM. If only Steam would shove their DRM-shit, right back up their ass, then the new Steam Deck would be a 100% positive scenario.

    If your guilt is pre-assumed, then you owe it to yourself to actually become guilty. It's like…reverse-engineering justice, or something.

  9. Yep, which means that if they want to track down a particular human being, such as a journalist for example, then they have the perfect system already in place to compare “image hash data” (or whatever other bullshit they’re pushing) with photos of the individual they are searching for.

    The government, corporations, whatever, all will have an extremely robust system for tracking human beings all over the globe since iOS is literally everywhere. Need to find that journalist that just pissed you off, Putin? No problem! We’ll just use the selfies of every human being using iOS to see if we can’t catch that pesky little journalist in the background somewhere. It’s like a basic bitch version of that crazy system Batman used in the Dark Knight.

    I literally just switched to iOS a few months ago for privacy reasons. Why am I not surprised?

  10. I’m relatively new to computer stuff so why is it a big deal for Linux to start becoming a competitor to windows for gaming? I’ve never really had a problem I couldn’t fix on windows but I’ve also never used a Linux system so I couldn’t say one is better than the other.

  11. Can I just say I know this blizzard thing may be mean something to you guys but with that being said I don't like talking about other people's business and it makes me uncomfortable this is supposed to be about hardware computing gaming. I really appreciate it if you at least put warnings on gets very opinionated towards end of video.

  12. Deck vs i7 1195g7 gpd win max… You think it could beat it in performance. I got GPD when Max is about as close to perfection right now as there is if they just made the screen bigger maybe a little higher hz screen low MPS man that thing would be amazing

  13. Is it technologically possible to have a hand held using like thr Deck with a dock that contains a more powerful "External GPU" so when connecting to a screen through said dock you could greatly increase the power of the machine?

  14. Apple iParent.
    "Parenting kids for YOU so you don't have to."
    Yeah… okay. Looks like someone was right about 1984.
    They will sell all of this under the mask of the most horrific crimes society has. That, to me, is using kids just the same.

  15. Doesn't the DDR5 Voltage control being on the DIMM itself, also mean that the consumer will lose control over the voltage?
    If the motherboard does not control the voltage it provides, you won't be able to configure it in the BIOS anymore, so ultimately you cannot control the voltage any longer.
    While it may provide some upsides like individual sticks being tuned perfectly (as if any manufacturer would actually go through the effort), you won't be able to undervolt or change it at all should the manufacturer not do a decent job at it. Unless there is going to be some industry standard to control the voltage regulation chips on the modules itself.

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