[Video] I'm only going to say this once…

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  1. i once had the chance to go into an absolutely sounddeadened test chamber for cars and oh god … it was like someone just chopped me an arm off, not hearing the echo from the walls takes away a gigantic part of spacial awareness (at least for me) and it makes the experience feel so surreal. if you get the chance of visiting one, do it, it is worht it

  2. Gonna ask. Why not just buy studio curtains? Drama theatres have used them for years, cinemas have used them for years. Just seems cheaper and easier.
    Heck you can make you own sound dampening panels from some old towels. and bits of wood…

  3. This was perhaps the least economical way of soundproofing I've ever seen. I've done fitouts of soundproofing in venues and we'd never used little tiny panels like that, it's just a waste of time, you can buy massive sheets of the stuff that is substantially cheaper than whatever these would have cost.

  4. when you get around to making the diy-acoustic panels, could you test different kinds of absorption materials? some people claim rockwool is the way to go, while others claim old, folded towels are better and "deader". could be cool to see the real-world difference

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