[Video] iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro / 13 / 13 Mini / 12 / 11 / SE – Battery Life DRAIN TEST

Full Battery Life Drain Test of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini,…

44 Comments on “[Video] iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro / 13 / 13 Mini / 12 / 11 / SE – Battery Life DRAIN TEST”

  1. Did these results surprise you? 😈
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    Clarifying note – the BRIGHTNESS of the screens has been set to an EQUIVALENT level, not maximum on all. Because the newer phones can go much brighter this means that they are set closer to 80% whereas the older phones are more like 100% – I think this is the fairest way to test them!

  2. The weird thing is that I just got my Iphone 13 pro 3 days ago, and the battery drain so fast and so noticeably, I wonder why? like yesterday I went out shopping groceries at about 7 am and used the phone only to check my list and to pay using Apple Pay. I came back home at about 10 or something with not so much use and the phone was already ate 55%!! is this normal and I'm over stressing it, or is there something wrong with my phone or am I doing something wrong as I haven't use an Iphone in about 5 years.

  3. 1 year ago in your video iPhone 11, 12 lasted approximately 50 minutes more. If all of them have a %100-percent-healt batteries why there is a such gap that occurs today. Maybe ios updates make old iPhones older and battered.

  4. Hey can please explain me what is wrong with the phones because 11 months ago you did a battery test in which iPhone 12 battery lasted for 6hrs 40 mins and in this video it only lasted about 5 hrs 50 mins that’s a significant difference!!🤓🧐🤔

  5. My phone lasts more than 16 hours with the screen refresh rate set to 90Hz. It’s called OnePlus Nord 2 5G. I would highly recommend buying it has a very fast charging that take 30 mins to fully charge and a big screen excellent camera and it’s a big phone. I could’ve bought an iPhone 13 pro max but personally I believe the Nord 2 is just way cheaper and can take a battle against the IPhone 13 Pro Max. The OnePlus 9 would be a better choice but I forgot about that phone but still would recommend both Nord 2 5G and the OnePlus 9. Not if you an iPhone lover though. 😂😁

  6. So where is the 12 pro max to compare in this test? My 12 pro max also lasted 10hrs (2 days of usage) in the first month, now after half a year it takes only one full day for the battery to drain. So every Iphone from the box shows an X2 of its abilities, but after a month the battery seems not so promising

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