[Video] iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro

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28 Comments on “[Video] iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro”

  1. Seeing what everyone has picked I would definitely go for the iPhone 13 pro 256gb graphite. Because of the new software that has been added to the iPhone 13 cinematic mode and so on which makes this iphone the best right now.

  2. I feel like I would have to hold the pro vs pro mass. I 💯 need upgrade. Currently have iPhone 6s with 69% battery life 😬. Basically dies less than 2 hours. Been looking at phones for last 2 months comparing phones. I do lots of photos since most of my memory is of pictures and videos (especially my dogs). So probably would lean towards pro 13. For money, Camera, and weight (but everything will be drastically different than current phone but I use them to point they barely work)

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