[Video] iPhone 13 – What Went Wrong?

Repower your devices with iFixit at Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max today – but they …

36 Comments on “[Video] iPhone 13 – What Went Wrong?”

  1. What I’ve personally noticed is that they’ve recently with their newest devices is that they do two years of basically the same phone but the newer one with just minuscule differences, I think the iPhone 14 pro will have something that definitely makes it a newer device. I currently have a 12 Pro max and I don’t see a difference at all with this years device enough to distinguish that it’s newer.

  2. Apple was boring in the last decade and continues to be boring… the first couple models were truly better but Apple suffers from "Intel Sandbagging" for 10 years now… i count the days until they are irrelevant because of sandbagging and needs a rescue from the competition like 25 years ago again.

  3. the only reason i was gonna upgrade from my iphone 11 is because my ipad uses usb c. and im tired of needing two different types of cables. i feel like iphone has now become a budget phone.. i dont understand why we’re still paying these exorbitant prices for their crap.

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