[Video] Is 4 Cores Still Enough?

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  1. You'd think that at nearly 14m subscribers LTT might not want to mislead viewers for the tiniest bit just to get a few more views…..Show an actual quad core in the intro, does the tests with hyperthreaded cpus. Yeah, unsubcribed

  2. well i have a q9450 with samba and batchconverting.

    DRAG & DROP via network and then at next day all in the folder encoded with best settings.

    but wait there is enough power for squid, viruswall and databases @ 12mb cache for 4 cores

  3. My old 4770K is now a hand-me-down to my 9 year old son (upgraded to 16GB RAM, new CPU tower cooler and RTX 1660 Super. Runs Roblox just fine and he is a happy kiddo.

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