[Video] My Biggest Collab EVER – PC Building with NBA Star Seth Curry!!

Thanks to ASUS ROG for sponsoring this video and to Seth Curry for joining us! Enter for your chance to win an iBuyPower gaming PC here: …

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  1. I think these motherboard companies should implement new way of plugging power connectors to pin coz it's actually scary it can easily break off and it's a ancient way of plugging in they need to modernize it

  2. Linus "I'm retiring, I'm tired of consumerism!"

    Also Linus "Here's a guy who gets payed millions because people watch him toss a ball around. Let's build him a top of the line PC even though as a millionaire he could just pay somebody to do so."

  3. I just gotta ask when we gonna ditch loading from drive just copy all its files to ram and boot from there a os can be small enough to be completely copied to 64gb ram and boot slower because it's got to copy the drive to ram before boot but once booted will run much faster should be about instant loading. I already use ramdisk to copy games to it and load the games from ram makes gtasa more playable make you car go 1000mph without load buffering jump to other island with almost instant loading it's even faster than the fastest sata ssd I had so much good experiences with ram I would like to copy my full os to it at boot how do I do that I use Linux if that helps some smaller linux live CDs copy to ram already I broke up with windows when I did a factory rest and they wanted to charge me for using the CD again after I already paid money for it I'm not buying another… go linux!!! I would love to copy all my Linux apps to bootable DVDs that copy to ram so no viruses possible it's read only DVD and once copied to ram it will load run faster than a ssd so no speed limits of a dvd and you don't even need a drive to use the computer it's too slow and it stores viruses

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