[Video] Next Gen Desk PC: The Final Chapter

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  1. Spends months making and fixing that reservoir and covers it with a mouse mat……. someone didn't plan that out too well did they 😅 gna need to swap it with the motherboard now lol

  2. Why don't you guys try to do something different? Like helping an underprivileged school or old-age home modernise their tech to help everyone there?

    With your team's connections, expertise and resources you could help other places and even startups find the best possible deal for their tech.

    This will, simultaneously, increase exposure for their cause and company; help similar companies plan what to buy and research for their own company and provide new types of content

  3. at 2:46 I am screaming at the screen to tilt the thing on it's side and swing one leg in then straighten it and go around the corner to get the other leg in then turn right side up again. Have you guys never move furniture? wait… I have SEEN you move furniture before….

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