[Video] OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 8 Pro – Which Is The Better Deal?

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  1. Got myself a Oneplus 8 for $399 during a sale at the OnePlus store (ends 7/31/21). That right there made the difference. That made the Pro model $400 more expensive than the 8.

  2. If there was ever one feature I could easily live without its wireless charging! How friggin hard is it to plug in a USB-C cable that goes in perfect every single time, unlike older USB cables? It literally takes one second! I just do not get why people make such a big deal about it!

  3. Hello Lew,

    Hundreds of OnePlus pro 8 users, including me, are having problems with a green tint in YouTube and Netflix (and other streaming apps) while using it in low brightness. Its a turnoff and OnePlus is not fixing it… You have any tips for us? I love OnePlus but watch YouTube and Netflix in bed and this sucks…

    Love ur channel,
    Greetings! 😄

  4. What can I say one 8 is cheap phone for standard and visual purposes no wirelles charging bad display i mean ppi…Screen is lower as his ratio too…The price of one8 is huge compare to lg g8x with the same performance…this film was about which one so if you pay money and have good standard phone pic pro8 otherwise u will be disappointed for sure…

  5. I'd be hard pressed to upgrade to the 8 considering the 7 Pro's current price drop, and you're giving up your notchless screen on the 7 Pro for wireless charging? Warp is already super fast.

  6. I love that your final distinction is on hand feel between the two. Mine is, I want the pretty iridescent phone ^^; Thank you so much for the selfie camera demo though! I have an LG Stylo4 at the moment, and am looking to upgrade to a nicer phone, mostly for tiktok ^^; and no one ever shows the selfie camera its always about the front ones.

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