[Video] Shooting a 500 Megapixel Photo!

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  1. I took more then 1000 360 panoramas and bokehramas as well and I must tell you that the overlaps are way way way too much. After you taken more then 1000 panoramas, then you can feel it somehow where certain lenses cover the image… so that is the reason why it took so long. If you would do this in the correct way, the render approximately should have taken max 5 mins.

  2. The most extreme I've done this is a 21-frame stitch (more at the sides so it doesn't go too fish eye when I crop), but each frame was a 5-exposure HDR. All that off a Fujifilm X100, so 12mp each, and on a Core M5 fanless laptop with 8gb of RAM the HDRs alone were painfully slow. And then it took about 5mins to stitch them together.

  3. I do from time to time a real estate for my customer…. and because wide angle lens is something I do not use for something else I just merge like this 10-15 pic and tadaaaaa wide angle 🤣

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