[Video] Surprisingly Cool! – OBSBOT Tiny AI Webcam Showcase

Upgrade your webcam to something smarter! Get your OBSBOT Tiny at: Amazon US: OBSBOT Store (International): …


  1. I have an array microphone. Can I use this instead of the built in mic? Thinking of maybe getting this for my Google Duo setup on Chromecast with Google TV. Going for that Star Trek vibe…..

  2. My immediate use case is if I want to do a 1-man skit with no other people as a camera person, I dont have to fiddle with getting the right frame exactly and doing a bunch of retakes hoping I'm in the frame 😮

  3. Mic is way better than your laptop's webcam, and when you said at the end, "Yeah, it's a webcam…" Yeah, but it's better than all but webcams that at least a month ago still couldn't be had for under $150. (Granted my Logitech C930E was $80 before the Covidium, but … yeah.)

  4. 09:16 uuuh boy, OBSBOT messed it up xD you can see clearly, that it sais $199 and they have a sale that sais "$159" but when you go on the website now it sais: "$398.00 and the sale is "$199" Linus clearly pushed the sales so much, that they got really greedy and straight up lie about there full prices very bold 😀

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