[Video] The Bioluminescent Gaming PC

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[Video] The Bioluminescent Gaming PC 1
[Video] The Bioluminescent Gaming PC 2
[Video] The Bioluminescent Gaming PC 3
[Video] The Bioluminescent Gaming PC 4
[Video] The Bioluminescent Gaming PC 5

46 Comments on “[Video] The Bioluminescent Gaming PC”

  1. Wow, never expected to see Linus doing biotech Lab Work.
    This takes me back to my days as a lab monkey.
    Question… wont the temps of the system kill the E. coli and denature the enzymes?

  2. Nice way to help introduce something that has multiple benefits. Also I was unaware of how much potential damage every festival and music fest was adding just due to glo-sticks.
    Science lesson aside disguised as a tech tip I would like to see more of such content.

  3. this what you get when a medical technologist is bored. all the petri dish will glow. saw this medical technologist bored out of its wits on his graveyard shifts, cultured all his agar dish with luminescent marker and made all his petri dish glow. got in trouble because all the luminescent stain are all out the following morning.

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