[Video] The PCs we ACTUALLY run at home

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[Video] The PCs we ACTUALLY run at home 1
[Video] The PCs we ACTUALLY run at home 2
[Video] The PCs we ACTUALLY run at home 3
[Video] The PCs we ACTUALLY run at home 4
[Video] The PCs we ACTUALLY run at home 5

41 Comments on “[Video] The PCs we ACTUALLY run at home”

  1. Common seriously intel rig update everyone has leading edge stuff yes. And Jake you getting bigger & bigger less food more tech haha. But seriously this video was hopeless as everyone has decent rigs. Its about introducing new employee's through the a moron idea. The only decent rig was the cool Filio guy scored through the classified. His the only legit and interesting

  2. For real, I've been a data center architect for a while and I buy (not build) my private PCs. Yes, it costs more.. But I really do not want to touch any cables in my private time.

  3. Even if it is true, I still critic LMG for not giving the old stuff they have in the storage room (like 2080's and last gen CPU's) to their staff to use (even as a loan)…

  4. after the console guy i was half expecting at the end, for anthony to slam down a 1970s briefcase sized calculator. "it computes and it's mine, so it IS a Personal Computer"

    get that switch dual booting linux for our boy though. after installing windows 95 on his 2002 xbox of course

  5. Im watching your videos very late at night and wishing that i was sleeping instead of watching some random people online cramming crap into crap to make crap

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