[Video] This $650 Laptop is AMAZING!

Realme Book Slim is the best laptop you can get right now for $650.
Thin and light laptops with this kind of build quality are usually $1000+
If you want to support the…

[Video] This $650 Laptop is AMAZING! 1
[Video] This $650 Laptop is AMAZING! 2
[Video] This $650 Laptop is AMAZING! 3
[Video] This $650 Laptop is AMAZING! 4
[Video] This $650 Laptop is AMAZING! 5

22 Comments on “[Video] This $650 Laptop is AMAZING!”

  1. I think this is exactly the point of realme to market a MacBook like pc (few people really using them really care about components’ it’s just the general perf / experience that matters – e.g. students) at half the price…

  2. Realme got the design idea for a good foldable design Bc foldable or just mini laptops but we want to perfect designs in a small machine such as a smartphone in screen technology.

  3. Try Mi notebook ultra and pro, for a similar price you can get a 90Hz display with 3.5K resolution and it is a non-reflective panel.
    And you can open it with one finger. Has a better processor, i5 11300H and i7 11370H, with an option of 8 and 16 GB RAM variant. but it too is a MacBook clone and has an average trackpad.

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