[Video] This EASY Setting Makes Your GPU Faster!

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29 Comments on “[Video] This EASY Setting Makes Your GPU Faster!”

  1. The implementation is just STUPID. Why do they not make it like Nvidia Physics that installs a version system wide with the driver that is backwards compatible and have games rely on them.

  2. Basically, Nvidia needs to separate DLSS from it's game a little bit. Rather than having it installed inside the games core files, install it within Nvidia's files. Then allow people to download DLSS separately if they want, with an installer that default installs the latest DLL for each major revision, with a "customize install" option allowing for you to manually select which version you want per major revision. Bonus points if they have a link to "Upgrade Notes" when you click a [?] beside the version name in the installer.

  3. Hi, Anthony!

    Those distortions on thin objects are also present on the native games, e.g. Cyberpunk 2077… try maxing out the settings and then just putting the DLSS to the Quality setting. Then drive a Caliburn with the 3rd person view of the car. Its mirriors will get many layers of ghosting. It's the reason why I have DLSS 2.0 shut down in CP.

    Ah yes, an Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 OC Edition owner here.

  4. only problem cos it s possible only on cards that can run those games anyways(rtx 2/3,6700etc..would be nice if uhd/vega and similar can do that and than,like its possible to play new game only dlss version:) i expect it would go that way in future. would be reasonable

  5. the only way to cheat in Order and Chaos online is to use the older game files and install. its an online game that basicly 2 people play on windows version. Mobile is alot more active

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