[Video] This is stupid, but I love it

Thanks to Kioxia for sponsoring today’s video! Check out their Enterprise Data Center SSD storage drives at Over the last few years, we’ve …

[Video] This is stupid, but I love it 1
[Video] This is stupid, but I love it 2
[Video] This is stupid, but I love it 3
[Video] This is stupid, but I love it 4
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  1. 1) I'm not sure why you would run UNraid given the fact that it will only read/write from one drive at a time instead of spanning the read/writes across all of the drives.

    (I forget if you had a lot of issues running TrueNAS Core, but if you want ZFS, that would be another way to go AND TrueNAS already HAS a GUI for ZFS management.)

    2) YES!!! Run 100G for sure!!!

    I have four Samsung 860 Evo 1 TB SATA 6 Gbps SSDs in RAID0 running on 100 Gbps Infiniband with NFSoRDMA enabled and it freakin' screams (even with just run of the mill SATA SSDs).

    3) Remote booting your systems from a centralised server:

    For that, I would recommend that you set or configure a portion of the storage to be an iSCSI device, otherwise, it is possible to manage the remote booting of Windows clients might get a little bit hairy.

    Note that your most like limiting factor is going to be the PXE boot speed.

    I have one system (albeit NOT Windows) that's running with PXE boot, and it can only pull the image at 100 Mbps speeds for some strange reason. (As a result, I am running the PXE boot off of spinning rust as there is no point to try and run it off anything else faster than that.)

    It takes about a minute to boot my system. The larger your boot image is, the longer it will take.

    So, you'll want to test that thoroughly.

    I've recently migrated one of my systems from a physical daily driver to a virtualised daily driver running off an Intel NUC (that also runs off the network because the NUC doesn't have enough local storage for the VM disk drive file).

  2. Hay cud you make a video talking about a good pc build for first time builders for gaming i would like to build one of my own but i dont know were a good start would be it would be grat for a guid or some tip of things to avoid for first time builders

  3. Given all the upgrades that Linus is putting in his house, his kids are going to pass out when they'll find out how slow school computers are compared to the ones they have at home xD

  4. Great video. I see there are some comments, but would like to know why unRAID vs truenas? Truenas has zfs built-in. Is it just preference or are there other benefits? For my use I'm not interested in apps and vms which I know both can do, just in best nas software. Maybe another video to do a compare?

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