[Video] ULTIMATE PC Repair Challenge: Anthony vs Linus

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[Video] ULTIMATE PC Repair Challenge: Anthony vs Linus 1
[Video] ULTIMATE PC Repair Challenge: Anthony vs Linus 2
[Video] ULTIMATE PC Repair Challenge: Anthony vs Linus 3
[Video] ULTIMATE PC Repair Challenge: Anthony vs Linus 4
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49 Comments on “[Video] ULTIMATE PC Repair Challenge: Anthony vs Linus”

  1. You should do a Tech support challenge against one of your Subscribers. To test how much we've actually learned throughout the years of watching. I know Linus Media has helped me tremendously. For that, I thank you.

  2. which garbage head didnt make them beat an even sligthly ovewrclocked gpu score …….ffs totaly ruined competition if oyu can just run with the fukign errors in place

  3. The thing is with a lot of professional tech support is that you actually have a time limit set by your company lol.
    Diagnose and repair all issues in 22 minutes or less and tell me how you do.

  4. Couple things. One …it seems ( at the beginning of the video anyway ) that Riley and Alex are "pro Anthony" – should have found a couple impartial moderators for this task. Two…any tech worth their salt when dealing with this sort of issue ( knowing that there are many things wrong with the computer right from the start ) would tear the computer completely down, look at all components provided for them, select the proper components and then build properly. Other than that, the video was a great source of entertainment as well as a lesson in "how not to do things".

  5. If your hosts also determine the scoring, you might want to go with impartial ones. It was rather frustrating seeing someone dropping hints multiple times and trying to give a huge time penalty for a 2 minute PSU swap. The rest of the video was entertaining, but these petty antics really suck all the fun out of it.

  6. Guys, it was very lovely and fun to watch video. You literally made my day. And as someone doing IT and live events I completely understand your frustration with the ending but believe me, thanks to those weirdest 5 minutes in the end, people will remember (in a good way) this way more than a usual slick videos. More memes to come and it's great. Would love to see more of this type of content, great stuff!

  7. This had some real potential, but you don't need yet another person just going "wow, you really screwed the pooch on this one!" How about some serious suggestions?

    – If benchmarks need settings specific to the benchmark in order to be met then document those meticulously for the participants
    – Use the lower corners to show checklists. Due to screen real estate limits you can break them down into multiple lists… Hardware, GPU, Storage, BIOS, Software. When updating these show the same checklist for both participants.
    – Control the timer remotely, no need to account for time dilation by showing two running times, only separate them when stopped at the end.
    – If there is a time limit (which was apparently arbitrarily decided here) make it clear up front.
    – If there is questioning of a particular test/component immediately inform both participants and skip it.
    – Clarify aesthetic requirements: Vertical GPU, cable management, etc. Is either required? Is either a bonus?
    – Some issues, like having RAID in the manner shown here, or the fake RAM, are just totally unrealistic for this scenario.

    The list could go on and on….

  8. Anthony suffers from not having absorbed previous challenges and Linus has, this is not a fair competition. Linus is not as skilled a computer person as he is more experienced with competition work. The raid config was in previous challenges so this was automatic for linus. He is also used to knowing where to cut corners. If your going to do a Linus challenge give a cheat sheet on how to get up to speed with Linus's competition experience. Also Linus was getting massive hints by frustrating the commentators, he was manipulating. Yet people were saying Anthony should not be getting hints. Linus lost when he was cheating.

  9. This was probably the worst repair challenge. Terribly run, inconsistent hardware and goals. Anthony why did you waste so much time redoing all the cables in the case instead of just booting it up and seeing what it could do?

  10. 35:18 Anthony proving he's live.
    There was some SNL(?) sketch a long time ago which went like this:
    Reporter: So we're LIVE right now at the scene.
    Studio: But how can the viewers know it's live?
    Reporter: Look *shows wristwatch*
    Studio: But how do we know you didn't just set the watch?
    Reporter: *Pulls up sleeve having 5 other watches on the arm all set to the same time*

    (Anyone recognizes this?)

  11. I'd like to deduct points from Linus for reusing power supply cables from an underpowered power supply. Typically, the wires that come with power supplies are rated for specific amount of power meant to be delivered from that specific power supply and pushing more power through them can cause cables melting/fire.
    I would not feel comfortable skimping on this on a customer's pc.

  12. Hey LTT, this was extremely interesting content, not only actual content part, bet all the things that went wrong. I would be very interested in seeing what lessons you learned as a team and content creators and experts in the tech field etc. That would be interesting not only to me who watched the stream, but that would definitely help us understand the complexity of your work, problem solving, aftermath and overall allow us to engage much more with you. And hey, free idea for the 8th video next week. 😀

  13. I think the viewers should be able to see the checklist. Without us knowing what is wrong, what's the point? There is no suspense. I don't know if they have two things left to find or if they have 25 things still unaccounted for. The announcers look like they haven't even read over the checklist and are sitting their completely blind. Do they not realize that they have to rehearse even if it is play by play and live? You need a format. I don't know who is ahead. I'm just watching two annoyed guys go through a pc with an announcer who keeps having to ask if they are allowed to do something. It gives me a complete lack of confidence in the competition as a whole. The Ron Burgandy impression is not only lame but it's intermittent.

  14. This was a bit frustrating to watch (still entertaining), it just felt like there was not enough prep with the hosts knowing the proper rules and goals as there was a lot of second guessing about them and even rules changing on the fly. But well done to those involved, pulling this off live would be very difficult, and to Anthony, don't be too harsh on yourself you did well under the circumstances, I was cheering you on.

  15. there's so few components to diagnose and provide tech support…don't pass it off as another armchair judgement…i and many others deal with CAD designing softwares, programming tweaks and large actual complex assemblies with hundreds and thousands of parts its not that difficult if you have practiced over the course of years as am sure these gentlemen have and simultaneously presented to the camera… it just seems too under-whelming:( maybe its performance buckling.

  16. To solve the time issue, maybe next time (if it ever happens) there should just be a time limit and you get scored on what you've achieved by then. Make it so all but God tier tech work wouldn't make it in time and let them do the benchmarks in any order they like so issues that aren't going to affect other things can be skipped and gotten back to later.

  17. As messy as this competitions are please, by all means, let them continue they are quite fun to watch. Specially when they get mad at the team that did the setup!. PS: Next do a Linux competition and see how Linus fares …

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