[Video] Unboxing Samsung's Mind Bending New Display…

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  1. तुम मेरे को एक आईफोन भी अभी करो मैं तुम्हारा दिल्ली का 10 साल क्राइपर बढ़ा सकता हूं

  2. i wonder no one is talking about the price of the monitor………………. i am seeing a lot of hipocrsy here… just talk about the monitor. this imac s are not even the competition……

  3. Will: **Playing Super Mario in a random SNESS emulator.
    Lew: What do you think you are doing???
    Will: Just… playing… Super Mario… look bro, I'm fine…
    Lew: You are not fine, not even close!!! Allow me to show the ultimate setup.

  4. This thing has horrible reviews because the hdr is broken apparently. Almost every review says something about the broken hdr. For 2500 id atleast want something as simple as that to work

  5. What it looks like to open file explorer on this screen? Do i have to look left to read the file name and then right to read the details?,

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