[Video] Valve Did the IMPOSSIBLE… Anti-Cheat on Linux – WAN Show September 24, 2021

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  1. Sorry, but the Battery Management System (BMS) could handle perfectly fine either fast or slow charge, whether it is USB-C or Lightning. There is simply no excuses for Apple to adopt USB-C.

  2. Honestly i think online games are dead in like 5 to 10 years. Why? Because the anticheat will have to be increasingly invasive and there will come a point where peple just say "this is too much" and they will leave. Maybe local multiplayer will be the next big thing. I sure hope so cus its way more fun 🙂

  3. Imagine having to show your government ID just to play a video game… that's some George Orwellian stuff right there.

    Also, what about the people who DONT have goverment IDs? Or the people who live in a different country, with a foreign goverment ID?

  4. Would love to be able to game on Linux just not been able to as all the ones I want to play have been on the borked list for so long hopefully valve can finally get every game on Linux

  5. 10:36 I love winning uneven fights. Those are literally the best wins ever. Who doesn't like being down 20 kills in a halo slayer game and coming back to win? Who doesn't like being down 2 losses in Apex Arenas with both your teammates knocked and coming back to win? That being said cheaters aren't too fun to play against.

  6. I don't think China's move will have much impact on crypto. Their knee-jerk policing policies have low shelf-life, and all the big players already moved ops out of China the last 3-4 months.

  7. China didn't ban crypto for control reasons, crypto is not inherently private. crypto does not benefit the wider economy but instead damages it by increasing fuel/electricity/cloud computing costs and weakening supply forecasts while also reducing the available supply of critical tech like gpus/cpus increasing costs to the point where actual productivity drivers (like startups, venture tech etc.) cannot purchase them (and gamers too).
    At the end of the day the value of crypto is based on global drug sales so is just money laundering with added speculation.
    People should ask themselves why their own governments haven't banned it when it benefits very few people compared to the people it indirectly harms (probably due to wallstreet investments and the elite taking a piece of the pie).

    The value won't go down that much because this has been expected for a while and miners are just going to move to thailand/vietnam/india/malaysia.

  8. Mandating a rigid connector standard is never a good thing. NEVER a good thing. I'm far from an Apple fan, but they're right in this case. Why should anyone be allowed to force such a design decision on them, or anyone? I think USB-C is far from the best thing on devices that aren't tiny. Companies should be able to investigate and develop newer, better standards without needing to lobby for new legislation.

  9. Although I hate cheating in online games it annoys me when the likes of EAC block things like 3Dvision with stereo correcrion wrappers then refuse to shortlist it (yes, that happened.) Cause that's one thing I wouldn't give up…

  10. Valve is making a huge mistake in supporting Linux. This is because Linux users view software as something to be copied freely, meaning commercial software is viewed as evil. The reason why Linux users say Microsoft is evil is because they charge money for using Windows. Since Valve charges money for games… well you can see why they are shooting themselves in the foot by supporting the same community who classify them as evil.

  11. There is zero reason the EU can't update the rules for charging in the future to allow whatever comes along as a standard that replaces USB-C once it becomes a standard and once manufacturers want to use it.

  12. winner gets an windows 11 key lmao xDDD
    apple maid 2,6billion for licenincing their crapshit port "made for i…"..of course they dont want that to go

  13. And no, that kinda anti-cheat would not be acceptable for me. Hell, I personally think Valorants anti-cheat goes too far already but I also completely stopped playing competitive multiplayer games because it just wasn't healthy for me, so I don't really care if people are okay with it. I ain't touching that.

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