[Video] Why CPU GHz Doesn’t Matter!

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  1. I can’t remember the processor names I think there was an old Intel processor and an AMD one that started with FX in the model name. I know people who have had these for years because they can easily overclock them past 5GHz and they thought that clock speed defined everything. I have no idea how you can be a computer nerd and not even run benchmarks to see what is actually happening. They thought it would be way better than my i7-6700K at the time and it definitely wasn’t.

  2. I'm putting this one out to the community, maybe you guys can help? I'll start with the hardware:

    -cpu: core 2 duo, don't remember which model, will be upgrading to a core 2 quad q8200 I have laying around.
    -gpu: Gigabyte Radeon HD 6750 1gb
    -memory: 8gb DDR3, don't remember the make or model or other specs, but it's a matched set.
    -storage: 120gb generic SSD with dram cache for OS, 1tb 2.5 sata Seagate hdd, was external, works great as internal
    -motherboard: Asus p5g41-m le
    -os: Windows 8.1 pro or ultimate (don't remember which) 64 bit

    The issue:

    At first the issue seemed to be the keyboard as the system would post but never check nvram if I turned it on with the keyboard plugged in. That was solved with resetting the bios to default values. Once I got it to boot into Windows I found a new issue, it wouldn't respond and eventually got the bsod. After a little bit of troubleshooting I discovered that Windows would become extremely unresponsive and crash with the ethernet cable plugged into the onboard Intel gigabit connection. Not even a buildup to a slowdown, it became unresponsive the instant the cable plugged in, and unplugging it didn't return responsiveness or stop it from getting the bsod.

    And PLEASE don't tell me just to buy a new computer, I can't afford to, I can't even save for one. I have less than $700 a month before rent, bills and food. I'm just shy of broke by the time I pay all that. All the parts I have were given to me as gifts or traded for my services (repairing computers and bicycles)

  3. I like the Binding of Isaac music in the background, especially that its set so low that it does not interfere with what is said. While I love that soundtrack, its annoying to have two things going on and interfering with each other and I only noticed because I listened to it specifically to notice.

  4. Overall a very good video, but it does have one glaring oversight… A discussion about instruction sets. Trying to compare the IPC of x86 versus RISC is even more complicated than comparing IPC between AMD and Intel in real world work loads.

  5. Well, the Wii is obviously better because it has higher frequencies than the gamecube across the board, am I right?

    This is the only scenario where that statement would be right (that I know of), since the Wii has very very very similar of not the exact same specs except for clock speeds.

  6. Even worse, people that think "i3, i5, i7, etc" instantly means it's a good and modern CPU, but just about every single one of those has spanned over a decade with largely varying quality.
    It's like when my dad bought us a GeForce FX 5700 in the 2010s.
    It didn't even run Oblivion and was worse than our computer's on-board video.

  7. I wish I could work for LMG, so I could learn from these guys and hang out, help make videos, carry equipment around, its like a really cool school campus, u know? where you DO need to get sh**t done, but you also LEARN from really cool people,

  8. 4:50 this is the problem right here applications need to utilize more cores if developers utilize more cores they can do more things especially if a lot of physics is involved one example is BeamNG drive I'm surprised game developers haven't made destructible environments yet, I wish they would bring that back and isn't it more efficient to have more cores than one screaming fast core I mean CPUs are getting more efficient and their clock rates been staying the same and AMD wants to push more cores it's not rocket science I won't be too surprised if in the next few years AMD new chips get more power efficient also wouldn't be too shocked if AMD started producing arm based chips that are super efficient.

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