[Video] YOU CAN INSTALL WINDOWS 11!! – WAN Show August 27, 2021

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[Video] YOU CAN INSTALL WINDOWS 11!! - WAN Show August 27, 2021 1
[Video] YOU CAN INSTALL WINDOWS 11!! - WAN Show August 27, 2021 2
[Video] YOU CAN INSTALL WINDOWS 11!! - WAN Show August 27, 2021 3
[Video] YOU CAN INSTALL WINDOWS 11!! - WAN Show August 27, 2021 4
[Video] YOU CAN INSTALL WINDOWS 11!! - WAN Show August 27, 2021 5

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  1. Hey everyone! So earlier, I tried to pin the link to the Live Audio Room that Linus hosted with Wendell about Linux, but it doesn't seem like it worked. So the only way for you to listen is to use Facebook's app and head to the Linustech Facebook page, as you'll find the post at the top.

    It's a bit of a pain, but the whole feature is still in Alpha! We have raised the issue with Facebook's team associated with the project.

  2. As a general rule, I don't understand by which logic the increase in price of the bill of materials increases the price of the final product by a higher percentage, since the bill of material is often very far from representing 100% of the cost of the product. Now specifically for mid-range to high-end GPUs, the prices seem to be currently mostly set by supply and demand instead of being correlated with the bill of materials. Even at MSRP, the margins on the products will barely be impacted. I would expect at worst a $10 to $20 increase on the MSRP of 3060-class and above cards, if they really wanted to keep their margins. But as things stand where cards are sold way above MSRP, I don't see how that increase of silicon manufacturing prices will have any effect on retail prices (again, for mid-range and above).

  3. It's actually infuriating to hear Microsoft actually come out and say that while the 6700k and 1800X are too old to run Windows 11, their fucking REFRESHES are fine? Like tell me you're talking bollocks without telling me you're talking bollocks.

    5:30 2000 series was a mix of Zen+ and Zen 1. (Zen + being a die shrunk Zen 1 refresh). Zen 2 was the 3000 series.

  4. On the OnlyFans topic, their reverse ban and policy, is about the bottom $$$. They aren't doing it, because, of its users. So, don't kid yourself guys and gals. If these sex worker, weren't bringing in top dollars, they wouldn't give it a second thought about issuing these bans. After all, it's about the business first. 😄

  5. So the truth people are scumbags are trying to get out of paying for windows so Microsoft as a company that pays many salaries and are part of alot of retirement portfolios.. wants to stop thief .. I'm all for it

  6. I got win11 running on a Pentium Gold with ISO from Microsoft… lol

    On the subject of pr0n… I got my first pc as a win98 desktop in 1998 or 1999 for christmas. I discovered pr0n about 2 years later and wracked up the internet bill by paying for videos through the internet bill.

  7. Tbh I'll probably just dual boot into Windows / SteamOS once they release 3.0 anyway. I don't see Windows being the main OS for gaming in a few year, or at least not the crazy majority it has.

  8. Hello Linus I am Youtuber in UK, I am in desperate need for a new PC, I am currently working with a 2013 Laptop, Can we Work together and you help me, i would really appreciate it. LMK

  9. "revisit" translation: we lied and you didn't like it – enough to warrant "un-lying a bit" but not completely, just the tip… so the "requirements" is more of a contract between businesses and Microsoft for support, Microsoft fucked up because they claim to put pride into the fact that everything is backwards compatible, their shit is crashy and that's on them, man.

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