[Video] You wouldn’t DOWNLOAD a PC CASE?!

A portion of this video was sponsored by Salesforce. Go to to learn more! Making a case is easy, just click print… right? From a …

[Video] You wouldn’t DOWNLOAD a PC CASE?! 1
[Video] You wouldn’t DOWNLOAD a PC CASE?! 2
[Video] You wouldn’t DOWNLOAD a PC CASE?! 3
[Video] You wouldn’t DOWNLOAD a PC CASE?! 4
[Video] You wouldn’t DOWNLOAD a PC CASE?! 5

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  1. They probably could have made the case on something like a ~$300 CR-10 that most people that would consider 3D printing a case could afford or even the $1800 printer that Empiricus used for his own case, but instead they act like you need the nearly $4000 E3D "motion system" to print something this big simply because they sponsored the video (i.e. got conned by LMG into giving them money and a free printer).
    Not gonna lie, the blatant and excessive monetizing and shilling in LTT videos is starting to get downright ridiculous. I know that it's kind of what Linus is known for, but for some reason the shilling in this video bothered me. The multiple lttstore plugs per video are just too much. It's bad enough that they constantly plug the overpriced velcro straps and water bottles all the time, but the bit where Linus had to get "his" screwdriver instead of using the ones Colin had on the workbench already (simply because they plan to release an overpriced LTT branded Chinese tool eventually) was especially cringe inducing.
    I really used to enjoy watching this channel, but it feels like this channel has become less about what tech is actually good and more about who will pay them to promote their tech over the past few years.

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