Here’s a New Free Tool to Discover Unprotected Cloud Storage Instances

Cloud Security Test

The IDC cloud security survey 2021 states that as many as 98% of companies were victims of a cloud data breach within the past 18 months.

Fostered by the pandemic, small and large organizations from all over the world are migrating their data and infrastructure into a public cloud, while often underestimating novel and cloud-specific security or privacy issues.

Nearly every morning, the headlines are full of sensational news about tens of millions of health or financial records being found in unprotected cloud storage like AWS S3 buckets, Microsoft Azure blobs or another cloud-native storage service by the growing number of smaller cloud security providers.

ImmuniWeb, a rapidly growing application security vendor that offers a variety of AI-driven products, has announced this week that its free Community Edition, running over 150,000 daily security tests, now has one more online tool – cloud security test.

To check your unprotected cloud storage, you just need to enter your main website URL and wait a few minutes:

ImmuniWeb says that the free test detects cloud storage from 19 cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure and GCP. You can see in the results the region or…

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