KKMM Minister confident with Telekom Malaysia, “We will leave no Malaysian behind”

Telekom Malaysia TM KKMM Minister confident national broadband

Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) Minister, Tan Sri TPr Annuar Haji Musa expressed his confidence with Telekom Malaysia’s digital infrastructure to deliver Malaysia’s communications and digital aspirations for now and into the future.

He expressed this after a working visit to the TM Network Operations Centre in Cyberjaya on Saturday.

“I’m very happy with the visit today and from what I see, I’m confident that we have the people, capabilities and infrastructure to ensure 100% connection all over the country. We will leave no Malaysian behind,” YB Tan Sri TPr Annuar Haji Musa said after the visit.

TM’s “state of the art” network operations centre serves as the brains of the nation’s digital and communications infrastructure managing over 600,000 km of communications cables and over 26,700TB data daily.

The centre also claims to monitor the health and operations of the 30 submarine cable systems that carries 1,990TB of internet data into and out of the country.

Out of the 6.43 million premises passed (ports) and wired for fibre broadband services (fibre ready) in this country, Telekom Malaysia (TM) has signed up 2.14 million Unifi fibre broadband customers as of June 2021. Meanwhile, some 487k of premises have signed up for Maxis fibre broadband. It is believed that the remaining over 2.5 million premises (ports) does not have an active fibre subscription, likely due to it being vacant or unable to afford a fibre broadband service starting from RM80/month. The Malaysian Government is targeting 7.5 million premises to be fibre-ready by end of 2021.

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