Researchers Warn of FontOnLake Rootkit Malware Targeting Linux Systems

Linux malware

Cybersecurity researchers have detailed a new campaign that likely targets entities in Southeast Asia with a previously unrecognized Linux malware that’s engineered to enable remote access to its operators, in addition to amassing credentials and function as a proxy server.

The malware family, dubbed “FontOnLake” by Slovak cybersecurity firm ESET, is said to feature “well-designed modules” that are continuously being upgraded with new features, indicating an active development phase. Samples uploaded to VirusTotal point to the possibility that the very first intrusions utilizing this threat have been happening as early as May 2020.

Avast and Lacework Labs are tracking the same malware under the moniker HCRootkit.

Automatic GitHub Backups

“The sneaky nature of FontOnLake’s tools in combination with advanced design and low prevalence suggest that they are used in targeted attacks,” ESET researcher Vladislav Hrčka said. “To collect data or conduct other malicious activity, this malware family uses modified legitimate binaries that are adjusted to load further components. In fact, to conceal its existence, FontOnLake’s presence is always accompanied by a rootkit. These binaries are commonly used on…

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