Sirius TV launched in Malaysia, price from RM299, free 1 year content


Malaysia’s latest Satellite Pay TV provider, Sirius TV is now available to the public.

Sirius TV is a brand of Smart Digital International Sdn Bhd – the 2nd DTH (Direct-to-Home) operator in Malaysia. It was established in 201.

The satellite TV operator has signed a multi-year contract with SES, the leading global content connectivity solutions provider, to deliver a new bouquet of satellite TV channels across Malaysia.

The Sirius Basic subscription package launched last week with 13 initial channels, five of which are broadcast in HD. Sirius TV is available for an annual fee starting from RM 299, and it includes free installation of the satellite dish and decoder, as well as the initial year of content for free. The bouquet of channels will continue to expand, and subscribers will gain access to the full range of channels once they are released, it said.


Sirius TV will be using high-powered capacity on the SES-12 satellite – SES’s advanced geostationary satellite at 95 degrees East – to support the distribution of channels to over 7.5 million satellite TV equipped homes across Malaysia.

In addition, Sirius TV has adopted SES’s Cloud Playout services, which provides a cost-effective solution while enabling an agile and scalable business model as the broadcast and media industries move toward a cloud-focused landscape.

“We are pleased to be delivering Sirius TV’s services via the latest broadcasting and content delivery technology from our partners at SES. Their high-powered SES-12 satellite and end-to-end cloud video solutions have empowered our business model and workflow with flexibility and scalability,” said Khairuddin Abdul Rahman, CEO of Smart Digital International, Sirius TV. “More importantly, it has enabled us to reduce our costs through streamlined operations, allowing us to offer our customers endless entertainment at a competitive price.”

“Our commitment to the Asian market is reinforced by our partnership with Smart Digital International. We are proud to deliver Sirius TV’s bouquet across Malaysia and to showcase the benefits of cloud technology in the broadcasting space,” said Deepak Mathur, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at SES Video.“Through our SES Cloud Playout solution, this partnership will move away from traditional business models and workflows, toward a more integrated, flexible, scalable and cost-effective cloud-based ecosystem.” he ends.

For more information and to subscribe to Sirius TV, visit this link.


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