[Video] iPhone 13 Pro Max and My Pokemon Addiction!

iPhone 13 Pro Max review on battery, performance and some camera samples. Compared to the Mini, the Pro Max is a monster of a phone with much longer battery life!

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42 Comments on “[Video] iPhone 13 Pro Max and My Pokemon Addiction!”

  1. Hope they'd get rid of the fugly notch on the next update.. I'd be perfectly fine with bigger bezels like on the new iPad lineup if it would hide the notch..just saying 🙂 Good content and nice videos, as always!

  2. Actually, there isn't enough of a real camera shootout or breakdown about this phone, everything I've read is just a specs list and a couple pictures, or a bunch of pictures that are so small that it's impossible to understand the image quality. Anyone who reads this: please reply with a link that proves me wrong.

  3. Other companies like Oneplus are starting to see their downfall by trying to increase prices every year. Now apple products will rule. Cheaper M1 macbook air, iphone price is still same, ipad prices haven't risen.

  4. I wonder how the battery life on the regular 13 pro compares in gaming.

    If the 13 mini lasted for 1h28m. And 3h36m on the 13 pro Max.
    Could the 13 pro maybe get between 2h30m to 3h in the same game?

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