[Video] iPhone 13 PRO Review – The Final Verdict.

The Final iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max Review (including Camera, Battery, Screen, and Value)….

[Video] iPhone 13 PRO Review - The Final Verdict. 1
[Video] iPhone 13 PRO Review - The Final Verdict. 2
[Video] iPhone 13 PRO Review - The Final Verdict. 3
[Video] iPhone 13 PRO Review - The Final Verdict. 4
[Video] iPhone 13 PRO Review - The Final Verdict. 5

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  1. #Mrwhosetheboss please they are using your name on this channel to scam people because of the giveaway. They have just tried to scam me now using your name that I should pay for $200 for the phone to be shipped to me. Please instruct us ur followers not to fall a victim. I have a screen record of all the messages including screenshots. They have faked and account using your name and replying people that they have won the giveaway and they should contact them on WhatsApp. I’m pretty sure that some people have paid them already… please try and do something to stop this SCAMMERS..

  2. Great vid. Hmm so you are testing another phone you can't talk about yet, that "obliterates" the iPhone 13's low light capabilities….. Could that be a phone that starts with a 'P' and ends with a 6??

  3. Impressive video as usual, could you remind us to like the video somewhere in between, because sometimes I completely forget to give a like when I am concentrated into the video.

  4. If money was not a question I would still not get the newest iPhone, had an iPhone 8 for a while because I had some friends who kept insisting it was perfect for me because I don't use the phone to play games and use the odd app now and then, and holy shit was it a frustrating phone to use. And the small battery life is an absolute joke.
    Lasted about 6 months with it and ended up buying a Redmi note 10 pros, and what a relief it was to go back to Android, the ability to customize everything how I want, and it honestly just feels easier to use.
    Another thing, who the fuck at Apple decided that "Don't bother" mode should still make the phone vibrate? Stupidest shit ever when trying to sleep next to the phone.

  5. @Mrwhosetheboss i hope to win this iPhone giveaway 🤧🤧 cause I'm always mocked by my friends that all this stuffs is fake😫😫 that I'm wasting my time 🤧some are saying win first then next time we will follow your link🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  6. No worry with the next update they will butcher the 12 so you buy the 13, like they did with the battery… search the battery life of the 12 vs 11 and you will see the 12 had better battery then, than now when compared with the 13…

  7. 10 years ago iPhone felt like a breath of fresh air. Now it feels like Lexus & Toyota implementing features that other had developed ages ago. We are not talking about iPads cause they are completely different story.

  8. Wow I’ve not seen a YouTuber that gives so much details like you. I love how you speak and how you edit your videos(They are incredible). I’ve been on you channel for days now…. 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺

  9. A lot of tech "reviewers" – this guy included, don't even try to hide their pro-Apple bias anymore, and what's even sadder is people eat that sh*t up and pretend like it's not there. I have figure out they love it because it just backs up their own preconceived biases and reinforces their purchases. I've seen this guy bash and tear apart other smartphone companies (like LG, Sony, Samsung for example) for having gimmicks on their phone, half baked ideas, or using dated designs and tech, leaving out essential tech, using the same design language year-after-year, etc., but here he is (and his sheep) making excuse after excuse, year-after-year for the same exact phone! Apple seems to be the only company to be able to get away with this rip-off, garbage year-after-year!

    I just watched this dude and Mkbhd (another clearly bias "reviewer"), claim the iPhone 13 to be the best overall camera phone and/or best smartphone period, when it still has the hideous notch first debuted over 4 years ago! And don't give me none of that "but the notch got smaller" b.s.! No 120hz or 90hz refresh rate screen on an $800+ phone! No USB Type-C connector, no ability to split-screen multi-task, no optical zoom whatsoever, except for the late to the party 3x zoom lens found on the higher, more expensive models, no pro mode even on the "pro" phones, meanwhile even $400-$500 Android devices have these features … and Samsung is zooming to the moon and back with 10x optical and 30x hybrid.

    The few "new" features this phone has are either carryovers from last years top models, or all things Samsung rolled out years ago, like cinema mode aka portrait video and macro mode. I personally don't have a problem with iPhone (just not my thing, to each their own), and I'm not here to bash iPhone despite what I wrote above – if you like these devices, it's your money and that's your preference, but I do have a problem with tech "reviewers" bashing other companies then turning around and making up every excuse in the book for iPhone when they do the same stuff, and proclaiming every iPhone, every year to be the best overall phone camera or phone period, when it can’t even do the basics other phones have been doing for years! It's become very pathetic at this point and the Apple bootlicking is lame, tired and plaid out at this point! Do better. 🥱

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