[Video] Ok, NOW Xbox is a PC

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[Video] Ok, NOW Xbox is a PC 1
[Video] Ok, NOW Xbox is a PC 2
[Video] Ok, NOW Xbox is a PC 3
[Video] Ok, NOW Xbox is a PC 4
[Video] Ok, NOW Xbox is a PC 5

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  1. Legal emulation is possible if you host your own server put it up for the browser to read
    then host your own rom files on the server.

    then you can just open up the URL on xbox, load your emulator. and from same server load your backup ROM files…
    will also avoid latency i assume.

    this is all in theory and i have no experience setting up this stuff so i would never test it. but in theory it is possible.

  2. it's too bad folding@home can't run straight from a web browser anymore and needs an extension. Would be neat when I or other people can get their hands on a series x to use the old xbox one as a folding machine, like people did with the ps3.

  3. I know people that regularly use a web browser on a TV from 10-15 feet away, and I've tried it myself. I've never understood the appeal, no matter what it feels awkward.. you either need an input device you can use handheld or on your lap or you're stuck hunching over your coffee table with a normal keyboard/mouse.

  4. i’m buying a prebuilt core 19 11900k x rtx 3090 with a few 4k monitors and some peripherals, i’d build my own but the pc costs as much as a single 3090 right now so it’s worth it $6,242.19 itll take forever to save up

  5. If XBOX made dual boot option with Windows shit would be bomb and probably out sale Playstation and I would probably be first one to buy it to get nice budget PC and console in same time

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