[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro – Unboxing The Accessories

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44 Comments on “[Video] OnePlus 8 Pro – Unboxing The Accessories”

  1. I can just say fantastic
    شاید شما مثل من از این گوشی خیلی خوشتون اومد اما پولتون نمیرسه که اون رو تهیه کنید. ما براتون تو کانامون یه دوره جامع کسب درآمد گذاشتیم که روش های مفید این کار رو به شما داخلش یاد دادیم. اگه ببنید ضرر نکردید. نهایتش اینه که همه تلاشتون رو کردید.

  2. Really don't understand people complaining about the price of the oneplus 8 pro it has 5g, wireless charging 2k 120hz screen and a water and dust certification for £900 it's £400 cheaper than the Samsung 20 Ultra which is the only comparable phone as the iPhone 12 Pro max doesn't even have half the features and its still dearer! 💷💵💶

  3. Oh wow instead of doing the simple act of plugging a wire now I have to plug the phone on a surface 🤯 mind blowing. Technology basically doing the same shit in a different toilet.

  4. Thanks for bringing Latercase to the table! I was so disappointed with all the bulky cases this year… The whole idea with Latercase just went straight to my heart – so I guess my OP 8 Pro will have a new shell soon!! 😀

  5. I want to win one plus 8 smartphone because since last 6 years I am using iPhone 4 with the help of you I can upgrade my smartphone. Love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵.

  6. This is completely unrelated but I've been searching through your videos and I can't find one of the mous phone cases, they make some pretty high claims and your channel is one of the few I trust for the most up to date info, would you please please please do a review on one, I need to know if its worth the buy.

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