[Video] Pre-Built PCs Are About to get MUCH Worse – WAN Show October 1, 2021

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  1. Love this vlog idea of transitioning to Linux.Has been several years since my last attempt to transition which was littered with a huge learning curve. Each game needing tuning to get a maybe result of wether it would work or not.

  2. So laptop gaming is going to suck because they're not custom builds?
    Or could you just do a fresh install of Windows and fool Windows into thinking it's a custom build?

  3. Arch documentation is by far the best I have seen. Really though a good majority of forums work for reference since at the end of the day Linux is Linux. Just don’t go copy pasta unless you know exactly what it is that the commands do. Keeping that in mind and having the power of man at your disposal pretty much allows you to use all Linux forums as a reference for whatever problems you might run into. With that being said I think manjaro plasma seems like it’s the best in terms of being beginner friendly and “it just works”

  4. 17:28 Of you have not daily-driven Linux; there has never been a compelling reason for most people to do so. (For you, the main reason might be your name.)
    17:48 "[Not bad; just unnecessary BS]" <– Yes, that's about right. Most apps that you want are either ported or have clones, but they are slight/somewhat *different*. That's the main thing; since you NEED Windows for work, having to tussle with something different for off-work is, as you say, unnecessary BS.

  5. I use Linux daily for work and off-work but Windows for games and some astrophotography. Using Ubuntu or it derivative daily is fine but over many years I'm not as happy. I expected better progress on the consumer level. Microsoft on the other hand made for example WSL so now I should be able to move my local Kubernetes setup to one and like use Windows for work. Not everything on Windows is nice but still they do have progress.

  6. Amazon is a threat to privacy and commerce. Spend your money elsewhere and stop supporting human garbage. The people who actually buy these products deserve to be chipped and treated like cattle.

  7. I'm so glad I made the switch to POP OS (Linux) from Win 10. Most of my windows games run with Lutris and I'm getting much higher performance from the desktop to recent AAA titles.

    The more I here/see about Win 11, the more I think I made the right decision.

  8. What they really after. Is no one build a thing.
    When the schools fail it is the first thing deep state will destroy as part of destroying thus country.
    Your show days are numbered

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