[Video] The BEST Thing About PC Gaming

Thanks to LG Display for sponsoring this video! Learn more about LG’s OLED displays here: Gaming has come a long way since the days of …

23 Comments on “[Video] The BEST Thing About PC Gaming”

  1. Should the title be changed to "best thing about oled TV"?. Tho now I kinda expect to see this video played as YouTube ads whenever I start watching something

  2. So you made a video about older games getting modded to be playable on newer pcs, and it didn't have a section on Skyrim, let alone the other Elder Scrolls titles. We're talking about a single player game that's being played in the mainstream 10 years after its release and 90% of the credit goes to the modding community. Disappointed in ya, buddy.

  3. I kinda honestly fail to see why you'd bring up half this info when you're talking about the best things about pc gaming you can run a OLED on a Xbox x or a PS5 and you picked some of these games that just don't run good or ain't actually pc native games seems like a strange video to me

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