[Video] This is NOT a Graphics Card

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47 Comments on “[Video] This is NOT a Graphics Card”

  1. Is this card only for efficient and fast inference or is it also used for training?
    I do believe that the Nvidia Ampere Cards are fast with inference too and they are certainly a LOT faster during training with large datasets.

  2. Wouldn't thermal imaging be the easiest data for a computer to interpret? Set to detect the normal range of human body temps and it seems like it would be way less data for an AI to deal with to detect presence.

  3. I am a data scientist specialized in deep learning, finally, I understood everything linus said in a video. Make more Deep Learning AI-related videos. By the way, configuring these models to learn new things is pretty easy. Would love you help you out more.

  4. ah yes have a 2000$ Ai card running 24/7 in a server

    to save electricity by turning off the lights automatically
    there are some really simple and much cheaper solutions like this, employed in european offices and households for nearly 2 decades

    motion detectors
    the really dumb infrared ones

  5. Option 1: keep a room near a desired temp all the time with intermittent work by the HVAC system
    Option 2: let an empty room get way out of desired temp range until someone walks in and then get the HVAC system working full throttle for a much longer time to pull temp back into desired range.
    How is option 2 more efficient?

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