[Video] Vivo X70 Pro Plus – SO MUCH Camera 😂

Unboxing and Top 10 features of the vivo X70 Pro+ including Camera, Specs, features, and more! …

48 Comments on “[Video] Vivo X70 Pro Plus – SO MUCH Camera 😂”

  1. Been a fan since day one and FINALLY subscribed in 2021. Honestly, your humor, input, reviews/promotions and personality does the trick. Not mention….your love for technology and gadgets!

    Thanks brotha and keep it going!!

  2. I'm now on the market for next phone within the next 4 months but with no more note series not sure what i want to get.
    Cameras means nothing to me I use my phone for calls, youtube and gaming only.

  3. refocussing after the image is taken means its software based , has nothing to do with the cam itself. it takes a normal pic then you let the ai choose what part remains sharp.
    nice feature. but as usual it will be copied to all the other phones soon

  4. The best and the best thing about this is, they provide all the accessories with the box….

    I can't believe I had to see a day when providing all the accessories with phone will be a dream……

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