[Video] You've Gotta See This Night Mode – Vivo X70 Pro Plus

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24 Comments on “[Video] You've Gotta See This Night Mode – Vivo X70 Pro Plus”

  1. I remember you being blown away by the night mode of the v15pro (i think that was the device)..It seemed to have the better night mode in terms of capturing more light..or is my memory playing tricks on me..
    Edit: I searched for that video..and yup..it was the V15pro..crazy dark mode on that one too..

  2. yes great phone but only for first 1 year tops, then throw it or reset 3-4 times a day like most of chinese phones. i would really love to see a review with these high end telephones after 1 year usage. you may collect fm people you know and show results. all has problems of stability man.

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