[Video] i hired my replacement….kind of (the FUTURE of NetworkChuck)

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I hired someone. I have a new employee who is…

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    I hired someone. I have a new employee who is going to help me do more with NetworkChuck.

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    0:00 ⏩ Intro
    0:45 ⏩ What is NetworkChuck up to?!?!
    1:20 ⏩ NetworkChuck History Lesson
    2:35 ⏩ Here is where I failed….
    4:43 ⏩ My NEW Employee!!
    7:48 ⏩ Our new noob
    10:35 ⏩ 2022 Goals!
    14:35 ⏩ Outro

  2. Hey, my mind has been thinking of this on scenerio but can't find any answers to what would happen. what would happen if someone removes a usb stick while it's running a live system of any linux distro. I am afraid to test it out as I have a some valuable files.

  3. Keep up the great work. I frequent this channel for home lab tips and overall entertainment value. There’s a lot of content out there but not many educators can keep the masses engaged for 15, 30, 45 minutes at a time like Chuck. Kudos!

  4. Ok well… you admitted you've failed, it's a step we sometimes have to make. Please, admit you have to say "RIGHT NOW" because it's terribly annoying when you're learning anything else. I don't know about the job description or "title" in your country but "engineer" is when you've got your master (5 years) in a polytechnic school. So basically, an engineer where I live is more a guy who will conceive and build a chip and why not a new protocol to manage VLAN for example. (More leading a team to do that) but you see my point. "Network/cloud engineer" doesn't mean anything… engineer doesn't mean anything if you don't specify what it's about.

  5. What i would love to see is how to get into crypto. I worked in networking for a long time and it seems like a good fit to move over. I dont have any real certs, but you could say im a net+/ccna ish level network tech and know low level admin design, implementation and management. I was here for the internet boom and am now later in my career. I want to lean into all of this as i see it being the next wave, but im not really sure where i can direct those efforts. But its like walking into a wide open field with so many possibilities, so may directions to take. So maybe that would be a fun topic to explore, a fun mystery to unravel as we go, that you could be the tip of the spear for.

    Thanks Chuck, love the stuff as always.

  6. I don't know which patch choose, Network, Cloud or Data Engineer. I am sure there are more people with this problem. I would really appreciate it if you could help us with that. I am just fascinated with your channel. Thank you.

  7. I'm currently a Network Engineer & Azure Cloud Admin. I have roughly 9 IT certifications (not bragging), but whenever I watch any of your videos I just want to drop everything and start studying again and get and or renew a certification. Simply put, you really freaking motivate me.

  8. well….since you have video editor and email responder…….somehow you need one more person to your army that off the hiring spec as in………………………..Remote Test Subject from other side ( not as renting server….as in a *remote hooman handling your raspberry pi server and other task on site….like a maid/butler……..or a slave if you in to that )

    you can host physical server on to test isp, service etc…..well anything …..if malaysia, utility bill is dayum cheap…..that just an example

    anyway, thank you for your knowledge teaching me networking ,linux stuff and other related stuff….have soo many idea for my future project i want to make yet require my own time to learn from zero……current complete project is domain name, Pihole dns, VPs with vpn scripts* ( not mine ) and Diy Motorcycle battery ( LiFePo 14V + top,bot BMS + 16V Super Cap ) to test lifespan and improvement

  9. 1.94M subs at the time of this comment. There’s a reason for that and it’s because all of your content is 100% genuine. Your love for IT and everything about it shines with every video and it’s great to see that shine never dull even from the very beginning.

    Thank you for everything that you do to help share the excitement and enthusiasm a lot of us have for this industry!

  10. PLEASE READ! I was hopeful you could create new content by bringing on experienced IT professionals talking about their pathway and success. I was watching one of your videos about certifications and o got to thinking. There are truly no standards in IT I have been in the field for over thirty years and I find it amazing how standards and seeking like minded people is really difficult. Please reach out if you have interest. I enjoy the energy.

  11. chuck, I like that you're including cameron in your videos, but cameron, you need to come out of your shell. No hate, I know from personal experience that being in front of the camera can be nerve-racking and difficult with the many takes etc. But I feel like you need to find yourself and develop who you are as a person on camera. Your brother is high-energy and I can tell you're not as high energy, but that's okay! You've got things to say and, personally, I would love to learn stuff from you! But I feel like you do need to come into your own and step out from your brother's shadow. Having a dad who's extremely high-energy, I can relate to that process. So keep it up, you're doing great, and I can't wait to learn a ton of stuff from you on this channel.

    *technical comment: I think it would help to adjust the audio mixing to adjust for Cameron's voice. Chuck's voice is a little more high-pitched (because he's always yelling "LEARN THIS NOW!!" LOL jk) and Cameron stays in the lower range, so it might help to give his voice a bit more clarity, definition, and energy to bring up the mids and highs a bit for his voice.

    Keep it up, I love the channel, and have learned a ton. This channel was actually very helpful in actually getting me into an IT job, so thank you!

  12. Hey Chuck I enjoy your videos. I earned an AS in Network Security in 2018 at a age of 60!
    Today I’m 64 and haven’t work one day in IT besides numerous job applications never was given an interview. In these last couple of months I’ve learned more from you than I did in college. Thanks! Do you think industry still hiring inexperienced old dog like me?
    Keep up the great work!!

  13. Chuck, you can invite David Bombal for the live videos he is making ethical hacking videos and you canget a different perspective for tool, pen testing etc.

  14. It's funny to watch this video after joining CBTNuggets because I've already blown through all your CCNA content. I prefer your content but theirs isn't too bad. Enjoying learning with you dude!

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